What Blue Mountain does for you

Better Service

At Blue Mountain Community Management, we adhere to a strict 24-48 hour return communication policy. Any and all calls or emails for assistance receive the attention they deserve. All calls and emails are logged electronically and tracked to completion.

Lower Prices

Blue Mountain Community Management is the low-price leader among community management firms.
We don’t charge for architectural review.
We don’t charge for financial analysis.
We don’t charge for budgeting.
We’ll meet or beat any written rate or price structure.
The first month of service is on us.

Does it get better than that?

Aggressive Compliance

Blue Mountain Community Management is dedicated to improving compliance with community rules. We work with the board of directors to appropriately cite and gain compliance of all CCR and resolution violations. We are confident in 90 days you will see a noticeable difference.

Sound Financial Management

Blue Mountain Community Management works to lower your association bills by competitively bidding any and all contracts for maintenance service. We don’t favor contractors or provide preference to anyone; we just find the best contractor with the lowest price.

Superior Coordination

Blue Mountain Community Management specializes in working with builders and associations looking to solve construction defect issues cooperatively and without costly construction defect lawsuits. It’s about getting your home fixed properly, not about making law firms rich.

What are you waiting for?